Play as a single player or a two person team. The price is $10 per team.

Click on the link below and be sure to name your team

Print your event voucher out and bring to the event

Friends not participating in the game are welcome

Location: Happy Endings Bar

Address: 7038 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Time: 7:00 PM Registration

Time: 8:00 PM Tournament begins

Event Description: Come hang out with Lynette Carolla, Producer Gary, Chris Laxamana, Caelan Biehn, Assistant Jay and intern Nick for a night of spirited tournament in all its drunken splendor.


with any questions

  • 10 cups per side filled with Mangria

  • Possession is determined by one round Rock Paper Scissors

  • Each player on the team shoots once

  • If he makes both shots they get two balls back

  • If a shot is bounced and goes in a cup 2 cups are removed

  • Teams are allowed one re-rack per game

  • Blowing and fingering cannot be used as a defense

  • Any balls bounced off the table can be batted away with a hand

  • As soon as the team eliminates all the cups they win

  • The losing team gets to rebuttal with one shot per player with bring backs

  • If losing team is able to eliminate all cups the game goes into overtime